California specific resource.

Health Care Consumer Assistance

Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) Help Center

Assistance with problems with health coverage and with health plan grievances and appeals

1-888-466-2219 (many languages)

1-877-688-9891 (TDD) (many languages)

California Department of Insurance

Assistance with health insurance problems for non-managed care plans

1-800-927-4357 (many languages)

1-800-482-4833 (TTY) (Spanish)

Health Consumer Alliance

Consumer assistance program to help people with low incomes get the health care they need

1-888-804-3536 (many languages)

1-877-735-2929 (TTY)

HICAP (California Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program)

Information, counseling, and assistance for people who have or will soon have Medicare

1-800-434-0222 (many languages)

Medi-Cal Managed Care Ombudsman

Assistance for people enrolling in or changing Medi-Cal managed care plans

1-888-452-8609 (many languages)

Medi-Cal Mental Health Care Ombudsman

Help with Medi-Cal mental health care services


1-800-896-4042 (many languages) (Spanish brochure available)

Finding Health Coverage

Covered California

Health coverage marketplace that provides coverage options and plan costs and enrollment in Covered California coverage


1-888-889-4500 (TTY)

Information and on-line search tool to help consumers find health plans and public programs in each state


1-855-889-4325 (TTY) (Spanish)

Health Coverage Guide

Information on health insurance for small businesses, including cost estimates, tax savings and legal issues

Finding Low-Cost or No-Cost Health Coverage and Care

Medi-Cal Access Program (MCAP)

Low-cost health program for low-income and middle-income pregnant women and their newborns

1-800-433-2611 (many languages) (Spanish)

California Children's Services (CCS)

A statewide program that provides health care services for children with certain disabilities and health conditions.

Local Health Services/Offices

A list of local county health departments to call about no-cost and low-cost health care

1-916-558-1784 (many languages)

County Medical Services Program (CMSP)

Health care for low-income adults in 35 California counties


Health Consumer Alliance

Consumer assistance programs to help people with low incomes get the health care they need

1-888-804-3536 (many languages)

1-877-735-2929 (TTY)


Health care program for people who qualify because of low incomes or disabilities

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

Help for patients who do not have prescription drug coverage

1-888-477-2669 (Spanish)


Keep Your Health Coverage (Federal COBRA, Cal-COBRA, HIPAA)

These are a variety of ways to keep your health coverage if you lose your job-based coverage.

More information on Federal COBRA and Cal-COBRA

More information on HIPAA

California Department of Managed Health Care (DMHC) Help Center

Assistance for California managed care health plan members, with information on COBRA, Cal-COBRA or HIPAA

1-888-466-2219 (many languages)

1-877-688-9891 (TDD) (many languages)

California Department of Insurance

Assistance for California health insurance members, with information on COBRA or Cal-COBRA

1-800-927-4357 (many languages)

1-800-482-4833 (TTY) (many languages)

U.S. Department of Labor COBRA

Information on the federal COBRA program to help you keep group health plan if you lose your job or your hours are cut

1-866-487-2365 (Spanish, Chinese)

1-877-889-5627 (TTY) (Spanish)

U.S. Department of Labor HIPAA

Information on your federal HIPAA rights to buy or keep health insurance

1-866-487-2365 (Spanish, Chinese)

1-877-889-5627 (TTY) (Spanish)

Agencies that Oversee and License Providers

California Department of Public Health Licensing & Certification

Licenses and takes complaints on hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics

1-916-558-1784 (many languages)

Medical Board of California

Licenses and takes complaints on medical doctors and certain other providers; online check of licenses and citations


1-916-263-0935 (TTY)

Board of Behavioral Sciences

Licenses and takes complaints on Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT), Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEP), Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC) MFT Interns (IMF), Associate Clinical Social Workers (ASW) and Professional Clinical Counselor Interns (PCCI)


1-916-574-8680 (TTY)

Board of Pharmacy

Licenses and takes complaints on pharmacists; information for consumers, including ways to save money on drugs

1-916-518-3100 (many languages)

Board of Podiatric Medicine

Licenses and takes complaints on podiatrists; online license check and information for consumers


Board of Psychology

Licenses and takes complaints on psychologists; consumer information and online license check


1-866-503-3221 (Toll Free) (Spanish)

Board of Registered Nursing

Licenses and takes complaints on registered nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists, nurse anesthetists, and psychiatric/mental health nurses; online license check


1-800-326-2297 (TDD)

Dental Board of California

Licenses and takes complaints on dentists; online license check


1-877-729-7789 (Toll Free)

Physical Therapy Board of California

Licenses and takes complaints on physical therapists; online license check


1-800-326-2297 (TDD) (many languages)

Health Care Reform and News

The national website on health care reform


1-855-889-4325 (TTY) (Spanish)

California Health Benefit Exchange

Beginning in 2014, the Exchange will help Californians and California small businesses shop for and purchase health coverage

The Center for Consumer Information & Insurance Oversight / Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Overview of new federal programs and regulations under health care reform.​

Kaiser Family Foundation

Information on health care reform, nationally and in California

Cultural and Linguistic Advocacy

California Pan-Ethnic Health Network

Information and advocacy for health care access for people from all cultural and linguistic groups, and links to more information


Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency

Lists the Coalition of Agencies serving the deaf and hard of hearing in California


1-877-322-7288 (TTY)

Health Consumer Alliance

Assistance finding health care and information on low-cost health care, in many languages

1-888-804-3536 (many languages)

1-877-735-2929 (TTY)

“I Speak” Card

This card can be used to tell a provider for which language an interpreter is needed

1-800-952-5253 (many languages)

Latino Coalition for a Healthy California

Advocacy for better health care for Latinos in California


Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum

Health care advocacy and support programs to improve the health of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders


Information for People with Disabilities

AT Network

Information on equipment and assistive technology

1-800-390-2699 (Spanish)

1-800-900-0706 (TTY) (Spanish)

California Foundation for Independent Living Centers

Resources for people with disabilities


1-916-325-1695 (TTY)

California Health Advocates

Information on Medicare, Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, and financial aid for Medicare members

1-916-231-5110 (Spanish and other languages)

Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency

Lists the Coalition of Agencies serving the deaf and hard of hearing in California


1-877-322-7288 (TTY)

Department of Developmental Services Early Start Program

Providing services for children 0-3 with disabilities and their families

800-515-BABY (800-515-2229)

Disability Rights Advocates

View “Through the Maze, Edition II ©2008

A Guide to Health Care & Insurance Rights & Resources for Californians with Disabilities”


Disability Rights California

Legal information and assistance for people with disabilities

1-800-776-5746 (many languages)

1-800-719-5798 (TTY)

Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF)

A national law and policy center to help people with disabilities


1-510-841-8645 (TTY)

Disability Rights Legal Center

Legal aid and referrals for people with disabilities, including a Cancer Legal Resource Center, a Children's Benefits Access Guide, and other resources.


Family Resource Center Network of California (FRCNCA)

Find your local center, which provides support for families of children with disabilities and special health care needs.


Family Voices

Health care advocacy for children with disabilities

1-888-835-5669 (Spanish)

In Home Support Services (IHSS)

Program to help low-income aged, blind, and disabled people remain safely in their own homes

1-800-952-5253 (many languages)


Mental Health Resources

Autism Society of America

National organization dedicated to improving the lives of all affected by autism.

1-800-328-8476 (Spanish)

Autism Speaks

A national nonprofit advocacy group.

1-888-288-4762 (English)

1-888-772-9050 (Spanish)

California Department of Developmental Services

California agency that provides services and support to people with developmental disabilities such as mental retardation, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism and related conditions.


1-916-654-2054 (TTY) (many languages)

California Regional Centers’ Directory

Provides list of twenty-one regional centers that individually coordinate services for children and adults with developmental disabilities.


1-916-654-2054 (TTY)

Developmental Screening for California’s Kids (sponsored by First5 California and the California Statewide Screening Collaborative)

Provides early childhood developmental screening resources, information on the First5 Early Childhood Mental Health Project and county initiatives.


Disability Rights California

Information on the rights of people with disabilities including mental health disabilities.

1-800-776-5746 (many languages)

1-800-719-5798 (TTY) (Spanish)

Early Start

A state program for infants and toddlers who have or are at risk for developmental delay or disability.

1-800-515-2229 (many languages)

Family Resource Center Network of California (FRCNCA)

Provides support for families of children with disabilities and special health care needs.


First5 California

Provides programs and services designed to identify children with special needs and help young children grow up healthy and do well in school and in life.


Marin Autism Collaborative

A clearinghouse for information about autism and services.

1-415-472-2373 (Spanish)


A resource center for parents of children with special needs.

1-800-578-2592 (many languages)

Mental Health America

Information, advocacy, and referrals for adults and children.

1-800-969-6642 (many languages)

Mental Health America of California

Information and advocacy for people with mental health conditions.

1-916-557-1167 (many languages)

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)

An advocacy group for people with mental illness and their families.

1-800-950-6264 (Spanish) (Spanish)

National Institute of Mental Health

Information and research on mental health treatments

1-866-615-6464 (Spanish)

1-866-415-8051 (TTY toll-free)

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

Federal agency with information on legislation, prevention, workplace resources, and online search for mental health services.


1-800-487-4889 (TTY) (Spanish)

Pregnancy Care

Medi-Cal Access Program (MCAP)

Low-cost health program for low-income and middle-income pregnant women and their newborns

1-800-433-2611 (many languages) (Spanish)


Information on children's health (Spanish)

Preventive Care

Agency for Health Research and Quality

Government agency with Personal Health Guides to routine care

1-310-427-1104 (Spanish)

California Dental Association

Information about oral health and an online search to find a dentist or a dental clinic that provides free or low-cost dental services.


California Smoker's Helpline

Telephone and online help to stop smoking.

1-800-987-2908 (many languages)

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/ National Immunization Hotline

Guide to vaccines for children and adults, and other information on prevention 1-800-232-4636 (Spanish).


1-888-232-6348 (TTY) (Spanish)

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Information for health professionals, parents, teachers, students, and young adults.

1-301-443-1124​ (Spanish)

Federal health care reform website, with lists of preventive care services that health plans must cover with no out-of-pocket cost to patients.


1-855-889-4325 (TTY) (Spanish)

Kids Health

Information on children's health (Spanish)

Obesity and Overweight

Information on obesity and chart to check Body Mass Index (BMI).


1-888-232-6348 (TTY)


Diseases and Treatments—General Information

Advance Directives

Information on Advance Health Care Directives

1-800-952-5225 (Spanish)

1-800-735-2929 (TTY) (many languages)

American Chronic Pain Association

Information and resources for individuals living with chronic pain

1-800-533-3231 (many languages)

American College of Surgeons

Information on common operations and choosing a surgeon


Clinical Trials

Information on clinical trials

Food and Drug Administration

Information on medicines and durable medical equipment

1-888-463-6332 (Spanish)

Genetic and Rare Diseases Information Center (GARD)

Information about genetic conditions and rare diseases


1-888-205-3223 (TTY) (Spanish)


Easy-to-understand health information on many topics (many languages)

Kids Health

Information on children's health (Spanish)

Mayo Clinic

Easy-to-understand information on health topics (many languages)

Medline Plus

Information on many health topics (Spanish)

National Guideline Clearinghouse

Government agency with care guidelines for many health conditions

NIH Health Topics A - Z

Information on many diseases and health-related conditions (Spanish)

Diseases and Treatments—Specific Information

Alzheimer's Association

Local services, support groups, 24-hour helpline, and information for caregivers

1-800-272-3900 (many languages)

1-866-403-3073 (TDD)

American Diabetes Association

Information, programs, and services for people with diabetes

1-800-342-2383 (Spanish) (Spanish)

American Heart Association

Information on heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and prevention


American Lung Association

Information on lung diseases, asthma, and prevention.


Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases (NIAMS)

Information about arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin diseases

1-877-226-4267 (Spanish)

1-301-565-2966 (TTY) (Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese)

California AIDS Hotline

Information on HIV/AIDS services

1-800-367-2437 (Spanish)

1-888-225-2437 (TTY) (Spanish)

Cancer Information

Government agency with information on cancer treatments

1-800-422-6237 (Spanish) (Spanish)

Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Disorders

Health information, research, clinical trials, and personal stories


1-866-569-1162 (TTY) (Spanish)

Premium Rate Review

California Department of Insurance (CDI) Rate Filings

Search rate filings reviewed by the CDI. The CDI licenses and regulates some non-HMO health insurance in California.

1-800-927-4357 (Consumer Hotline)

1-800-967-9331 (Licensing Hotline)

1-800-482-4833 (TTY)

California’s Health Benefit Exchange, Covered California

Health coverage marketplace that provides you with coverage options and plan costs.

(800) 300-1506

(888) 889-4500 (TTY) (many languages)

California Office of the Patient Advocate

Information and resources to help you compare health plans including clinical ratings and Total Cost of Care. (many languages)


Health care program for people who qualify because of low incomes or disabilities. (many languages)

Health Care Options

Help with enrolling in or leaving a Medi-Cal health plan.

1-800-430-4263 (many languages)

1-800-430-7077 (TTY) (many languages)

Information and online search tools to help individuals and small businesses find information about coverage options, health insurance company premium rates, and costs of coverage in each state.


1-855-889-4325 (TTY) (Spanish)