Healthcare Infrastructure development efforts around integrating nonmedical services with mainstream healthcare (primary care, behavioral, substance abuse, payers).

Our expansion efforts include a focus on developing care delivery networks comprised of biopsychosocial panels of service providers while shoring up administrative manual processes in today's mainstream healthcare.


Establish the infrastructural framework to integrate medical and nonmedical services using the primary care market base as hubs in a hub-and-spoke model. The spokes will be comprised of nonmedical services and behavioral healthcare wraparound networks. The expansion will add the ability for primary care to successfully screen patients for social determinants of health, refer them to organizations that can provide needed services, and follow up to determine outcomes. All digital, with a seamless process.

Primary care practices need to establish more formal relationships with selected nonmedical service providers. But, presently, no such infrastructure exists.

Our expansion efforts include building out the digital environment within which pay for performance outcomes lead to greater incentive dollars captured by primary care providers, behavioral health providers gain visibility and revenue stability, and an almost entirely new marketplace emerges by the virtue of Medicare allowing reimbursement for nonmedical service providers.